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One night in Bonn

An embarrassment, the fault was mine - mein persönliches Erlebnis einer peinlichen Situation in Deutschland

A midnight nature's call awoke me. Half asleep, I opened the door to the washroom and was about to start answering when...hey! wait a minute! This wasn't the toilet at all. Instead, I found myself standing, without a stitch on my body, on the lonely but well-lit, carpeted corridor outside my room! The door swung close, automatically (oh, how I hate these automatic doors!) with a click that reminded me that I had opened the wrong door! Both doors looked alike, and changing my habitat with unused-to frequency simply had disoriented me! I tried the door but not a chance! It was firmly locked, and I was locked out, in my birthday suit!

von joyarjun1, Indien
Total votes: 67