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Great Britain’s Constitution and Government

How does Britain elect its government ?

Parliament, the law-making body of the British people, consists of three elements: the Monarchy, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. They meet together only on occasions of ceremonial significance, such as the state opening of Parliament, although the agreement of all three is normally required for legislation.

The House of Commons consists of 659 elected members called Members of Parliament or MPs. Its main purpose is to make laws by passing Acts of Parliament, as well as to discuss current political issues. Elections to the House of Commons are an important part of Britain's democratic system.

The roles, powers and functions of the second chamber, the House of Lords have been the subject of a Royal Commission, established in February 1999 under the chairmanship of Lord Wakeham. Its report, published in January 2000, recommended a number of reform measures, including a totally independent appointments system with a remit to bring in representatives from all sectors of society; a statutory minimum (30%) for both women and men; fair representation for members of ethnic groups and a broader range of religious representation.

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Total votes: 153