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British Literature


The Bronte sisters, Charlotte (1816-55), Emily (1818-48) and Anne (1820-49), were three talented 19th-century women novelists whose works are regarded as classics today. Charlotte is best known for her novel Jane Eyre, and Emily for Wuthering Heights- both novels feature strong, independent heroines.

Many distinguished works of contemporary fiction have been awarded the Booker Price, given annually to the best novel published in Britain. Novels must be written in England by a citizen of Britain, the Commonwealth or the Republic of Ireland. The winner of the Booker Prize in 1999 was J.M Coetzee for his novel Disgrace.

Bernice Rubens is a contemporary Welsh-Jewish writer who grew up in Cardiff. She has received much critical acclaim for her novels. Glasgow-born James Kelman is a leading contemporary writer from Scotland whose writing echoes the rhythms of the Glaswegian dialect. Currently all the rage amongst children and adults alike is the schoolboy wizard, Harry Potter, the creation of JK Rowling.

One of the most widely know English poets is remarkable because his work has been continuously transcribed, published, read and commented on since his death. That he lived over 600 years ago is no less remarkable. He is Geoffrey Chaucer (c.1345-1400). His best known work is The Canterbury Tales, a collection of tales by a group of pilgrims bound for the shrine of St. Thomas Becket at Canterbury. Chaucer is buried in Westminster Abbey.

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Total votes: 133